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Tree Sales

Tree Seedling Program

Our Tree Seedling Program is a reliable source for conifer tree seedlings at a reasonable cost for local forest owners and forest managers.  Our seeds are properly sourced for the Idaho Panhandle's soils, climate and elevation. We contract with an inspected professional nursery to grow seedlings two years in advance of delivery.  All funds received from sales go back into the program ensuring a sustainable program.

May contain: tree seedlings

This year we are offering Engelmann Spruce Seedlings. These are a landscaping favorite for use in sound, sight, and wind barriers as well as for their beauty!

Please fill out an Order Form below and mail with a check for payment in full to:
Bonner SWCD
1224 Washington Ave. Ste. 101
Sandpoint, ID 83864

Click here to download the Order Form

We are now able to accept credit card payments. To order your trees online please select the appropriate species and quantity link below and follow the prompts.
We Sell:
Western Larch
Western White Pine
Ponderosa Pine
Douglas Fir
Engelmann Spruce
Western Red Cedar
Lodgepole Pine

If you would like to purchase larger species specific seedling quantities please contact our office or complete the order form and mail in payment.

Tree Seedling Information

Ponderosa Pine - Ponderosa pine is a rapidly growing tree which grows to a height of 55'- 140'. This tree is drought tolerant and can be grown in hot dry sites. It will grow in a variety of soils and its roots will grow in cracks in rocks allowing it to grow on very rocky sites. Seedlings sold in minimums of 10. Boxes contain 240 seedlings.

Western White Pine - Western white pine can grow as high as 230' but typically reach heights of 150' to 180'. This species prefers a dry to moist sites in full sun.  It will grow on a variety of soils but does best on deep well-drained sites. The variety will sell is resistant to blister rust.

Lodgepole Pine - Lodgepole pine prefers sites with full sun and grows best on moist medium textured soils. It is commonly found at sites that have been recently burned or harvested. Lodgepole pine grows to a height of 55'-70'. Seedlings sold in minimums of 10. Boxes contain 240 seedlings.

Douglas Fir - Douglas fir can grow to 150' in height. Douglas-fir does best in soils which are deep, dry to moist, and well drained. It is drought tolerant. This species does best in sun to part shade and is often used in reforestation and post-harvest. Seedlings sold in minimums of 10. Boxes contain 240 seedlings.

[10-240]   [250-720]   [730-1200]

Western Larch - Western Larch is a fast-growing tree that can reach 100' to 180' in height. This species prefers a sunny site and a cool climate.  It grows in dry to moist soil conditions and has a deep widespread root system. It grows best on deep porous soils.  Seedlings sold in minimums of 15. Boxes contain 270 seedlings.


[15-270]   [285-810]   [825-1350]

Western Red Cedar

Engelman Spruce

[10-240]   [250-700]

Prices vary according to quantity.

Please fill out an order form below and mail with check for payment in full to:

Seedling order form.xlsx

Bonner SWCD
1224 Washington Ave. Ste. 101
Sandpoint, ID 83864

Seedlings are available on a first come first serve basis. Please order as soon as possible to reserve your seedlings!

Contact Sarah Garcia
(208)263-5310 ext 100