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2019 Pend Oreille Water Festival

The Pend Oreille Water Festival is an annual, comprehensive, hands-on, environmental education program for all fifth grade students in Bonner County, Idaho. The Water Festival includes a Traveling Watershed Education Trunk for Teachers, Interactive In-class Lessons presented by natural resource professionals followed by an Outdoor Field Trip.


The 2019 Water Festival Field Trip will be held at Riley Creek Campground in Laclede on Thursday and Friday, May 16th and 17th. 



Pend Oreille Water Festival Components


In-class natural resource education - From March through mid-May, a natural resource professional will visit each classroom where students view their watershed on a colorful 10’ X 10’ floor map and learn about concepts that they will explore in greater detail at the Water Festival Field Trip.


A traveling watershed education trunk - Contains 20 lesson plans providing historical, cultural and geographic perspectives of the Clark Fork-Pend Oreille Watershed. The lessons are linked to an interactive story that takes students on a historical journey through time across the watershed. The trunk is circulated through teachers’ classrooms from January through May.


Outdoor Field Trip - Approximately 400 fifth graders (about 200 each day) from 13 public, private, and home school programs will engage with natural resource professionals and Sandpoint High School student mentors in multi-disciplinary activities that focus on our most precious resource- Water. The Clark Fork-Pend Oreille Watershed that surrounds our community is of special focus. Students will have the opportunity to touch, see, hear and creatively think about the dynamic world around them as they rotate through six different, inter-active, instructional stations: Fisheries, Watersheds, Water Quality, Animal Tracks and Orienteering and  Fur Trapping Era. What to Expect

Our Sponsors

We would like to give a big thank you to the businesses, agencies, and individuals who have supported the Water Festival over the years. Your support is instrumental to the success and continuation of this important youth program.


Donations are always appreciated and they are tax deductible! Donations are invaluable to the continuation of the Festival. Please fill out our donation form when you are ready to donate or simply mail a check payable to Bonner SWCD and mail to the address below. Thank you!


Pend Oreille Water Festival

c/o Bonner SWCD

1224 Washington Ave., Ste. 101

Sandpoint, ID 83864



Another way you can support the Water Festival is by attending the Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T), sponsored by North 40 Fly Shops with the help of Panhandle Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  The proceeds from this event benefit TU and the Water Festival.

If you have any questions or need to schedule trunk time please contact:

Gail Bolin, Festival Coordinator

Email: waterfestival.bonner@gmail.com

Phone: 208-627-3292


Calling all 5th Graders!

Water Festival Field Trip

May 16th & 17th


Gail Lyster describing animal tracks

Tom Whalen and Kevin Davis teaching fish identification

Tommy Petrie teaching about the fur trapping era

Jesse Jennings teaching orienteering