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Position Description - District Administrator

Full-Time Position

$16.00-$20.00/Hr. Depending on Experience


The District Administrator is responsible for managing and coordinating the projects and programs of the Bonner Soil & Water Conservation District (BSWCD).  The District Administrator should possess office management skills, including computer proficiency with QuickBooks, Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and internet support software programs. The administrator is also responsible for managing a large budget, along with administrating grants & should possess grant-writing skills.


The District Administrator will understand the specific functions of the Conservation District as well as the Memoranda of Understanding with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and other cooperating agencies.  The District Administrator will become familiar with “best management practices” for conservation related to farming, water quality, wildlife and forestry.  Knowledge of soil surveys, county quad maps and aerial photos is also desired. The District Administrator will become familiar with the District Personnel Policy, the Supervisors Handbook and all NRCS cost-share programs.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities


Office Management


  1. Answer the telephone, greet the public and provide conservation information to landowners.

  2. Prepare correspondence, reports, plans and other information for the District.

  3. Maintain District files.  Operate and supply copy machines.

  4. Anticipate and determine needs for office supplies, forms and other needed materials.

  5. Review District mail for distribution and necessary action at Board meetings.

  6. Pay invoices on a monthly basis.

  7. Prepare bi-monthly payroll and complete quarterly and year-end tax forms and payments.

  8. Prepare monthly/yearly financial reports.

  9. Assemble and prepare financial records for annual audit.

  10. Keep Quickbooks computer files for all District funds and accounts, reconcile checks and balance all accounts

  11. Coordinate meeting and travel schedules for the District.

  12. Attend District Board meetings including prepare and mail agenda, post notices, take and transcribe minutes and prepare monthly Financial Report.

  13. Attend training sessions, professional improvement programs, conferences and meetings as determined valuable and necessary by the Board.

  14. Act as election clerk when Supervisors are up for election.

  15. Administer Boat Inspection Station Grant with ISDA.

  16. Administer Lakes Commission funding.

  17. Administer other grants as required and write grants to provide funds for specific projects. 

  18. Organize and coordinate the annual tree seedling sale

  19. Provide administrative support to the District Conservationist and occasionally assist with field work as needed.

  20. Manage annual tree seedling sale.                                                                                


Public Outreach


  1. Cooperate with other Agencies to plan, organize and conduct the following Information and Education (I&E) activities:

                  Idaho State Forestry Contest

                  Pend Oreille Water Festival

                  Fair Display

                  Pack River Watershed Council (coordination and water quality                              monitoring)

  1. Write press releases throughout the year as needed to promote programs or provide information.

  2. Maintain a cooperative relationship with all natural resource agencies operating within Bonner County.

  3. Edit semi-annual River Ranger Newsletter, help maintain and update mailing list and email list with Pack River Watershed Council Coordinator.

  4. Maintain and update a mailing list database.

  5. Maintain and update the website





Please submit the following 2 items:

1) Letter of Interest stating why you are applying for the job

2) Personal Resume' which includes:

            a) Education applicable to this position including high school                            information

            b) Work Experience including at least your last 3 positions and why                   you left those    


            c) Any large projects you have been responsible for

            d) 3 work references and their current contact information

            e) You may include anything else applicable to this position


Submit these 2 items to be received by 4:00 pm July 24th, 2018 to:

            Bonner Soil and Water Conservation District

            1224 Washington Ave, Ste 101

            Sandpoint, ID 83864


Your application package may also be submitted by email to with the same time deadline of 4:00 pm on July 24th, 2018.


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